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Telemedicine Specialist

Utah Endocrinology Associates

Endocrinology located in Salt Lake City, UT & American Fork, UT

When you need exceptional medical care, but you can’t make it to the office, telemedicine gives you the ability to meet with your provider from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Alireza Falahati, MD, FACE, and the team at Utah Endocrinology Associates offer a wide range of services through telemedicine, including new patient consults, follow-up appointments, and medication management. To learn how you can connect through telemedicine, call one of the offices in Salt Lake City, American Fork, or South Ogden, Utah, or book an appointment online.


What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine uses advanced technology to provide medical care at a distance. When you choose telemedicine, you’ll receive high-quality medical treatment from the safety and comfort of your home, office, or virtually anywhere by connecting online with the Utah Endocrinology Associates team.

Anyone can use telemedicine. Whether you’re sick, need to take care of your children, have car trouble, don’t have time to travel to the office, or prefer convenience, telemedicine is the perfect solution.

What services are available through telemedicine?

The team at Utah Endocrinology Associates provides many services through online video appointments. By their nature, some services, such as diagnostic imaging and blood work, require an in-person visit. Otherwise, you can receive most of your medical care through telemedicine.

You may use telemedicine for new patient consults, follow-up appointments, or when you need to connect with your provider because new symptoms or problems appear. Telemedicine is also a convenient way to ask questions about your ongoing treatment.

The providers at Utah Endocrinolgy Associates also manage your medications via telemedicine. If you have any concerns about side effects or you need an appointment before getting a prescription refilled, you can simply schedule a telemedicine appointment.

How do I access telemedicine?

Your telemedicine appointment feels like you’re sitting in an exam room except that you use online video conferencing to see and talk with Dr. Falahati and colleagues at Utah Endocrinology Associates.

To use telemedicine, you need to have Internet access and a device with video capabilities, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Then you connect online following the instructions provided by Utah Endocrinology Associates.

Is telemedicine secure?

All communication between you and Dr. Falahati and colleagues at Utah Endocrinology Associates, as well as any documents you complete or upload online, are secure and confidential. HIPAA is a federal law that protects your privacy and your online connection uses HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.

Does insurance pay for telemedicine?

Many insurance providers pay for telemedicine. However, the extent of the coverage depends on your individual plan, so you’ll need to check with your provider to learn what services they cover. Medicaid and Medicare also pay for telemedicine services.

If you’d like to learn more about telemedicine and how to schedule an appointment, call Utah Endocrinology Associates today or reach out to the team online.